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Curriculum Vitae
  Name: Grant James Drake
  Address: London, UK
  E-Mail: webcv at kiwidude dot com
  Marital Status: Single
  Nationality: New Zealand (Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK)
  Principal IT Skills: Software Development
  • C# / VB.Net / ASP.Net / WinForms
  • MS Visual Basic 3.0 - 6.0
  • MS SQL Server 6.5 - 2000
  • Sybase 11.5 - 12.5
  • Oracle 9i
  • COM / ActiveX / MTS / COM+
  • ASP / VBScript / JavaScript / HTML

  • (7 Years)
    (10 Years)
    (9 Years)
    (4 Years)
    (1 Year)
    (6 Years)
    (2 Years)

      1987-1990 Auckland University, NZ
    Bachelor of Commerce Degree
    Bachelor of Science Degree

    Majors: Information Systems and Computer Science (prize)
    1999 Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
    70-100 Analysing Reqmts / Solution Architectures
    70-175 Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Distributed Applications
    70-176 Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Desktop Applications
    70-069 Microsoft Access & Access Developers Toolkit
    2003 70-229 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Design/Implementation
      Interests: Inline Skating, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Golf
  • .NET (primarily C#) based N-Tier Architect/Developer with 16+ years of IT experience gained within the complete software development lifecycle.
  • Committed to best practices in .NET development, with a personal interest in improving the development process. Considerable experience with continuous integration, unit/mock testing and code quality measurement.
  • Contributor to a number of open source .NET development projects such as CruiseControl.Net and NAnt. Also developed and supported the NCoverExplorer application toolset used by .NET developers world-wide for code coverage analysis, integration and automation. Wrote an article included in the “Windows Developer Power Tools” O’Reilly book.
  • Strengths include excellent communication and mentoring skills, focus on delivery and valued experience to "hit the ground running"
  • .
      Jul 2008 - Current Position: Tech Lead/Senior Developer (Contract)
      Lloyds Banking Group
    London, UK
    Projects: Credit Risk Strategic Development
  • Migrate from and replace a tactical Credit Risk system including credit ratings, trade enquiries and exposure calculation with a strategic implementation.

  • Establish coding standards, CI environment and best practises for the team.

  • Architect and implement a .NET 3.5 based N-tier application framework for the strategic application. Framework includes patterns and CodeSmith templates to guide developers for a consistent implementation.

  • The subsequent merger with HBOS caused the strategic rewrite project to be terminated in favour of an existing SunGuard system.

  • The new application framework was instead partially integrated into the existing tactical Credit Risk application as an interim solution.

  • An additional application was developed to aid the integration with HBOS for supplying Lloyds trade and ratings data to the HBOS systems.

  •   Technologies used:
  • .NET 3.5, WCF, Castle Windsor, SQL Server 2005, Subversion, CodeSmith, CruiseControl.Net, NUnit, Moq, NCover, NCoverExplorer, FxCop, StyleCop, MSBuild, Resharper, TestDriven.Net.
      Nov 2003 - Jun 2008 Position: .NET Architect (Contract)
      Barclays Capital Ltd
    London, UK
    Projects: GSL (Reusable Application Framework)
    Memphis (Equity Finance)
    Score (SwapClear Reporting)
    TTS (Confirmations)
      GSL (GOIT Shared Library):
  • Lead/develop a.NET application framework intended as the basis for porting of VB applications and new C# development within the bank.

  • Core framework built on a scalable n-tier design using .NET remoting.

  • Flexible solution covering multiple database platforms (SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle) and diverse application requirements.

  • Included server-side processing “engines”, batch automation, numerous windows forms controls, data access, exception management, security, deployment and numerous other commonly needed components.

  • Best practice patterns for framework usage developed and templated using CodeSmith and VS.NET wizards.

  • Introduced a continuous integration environment with unit/mock testing, code coverage, release build automation etc.

  • Developed numerous add-ins, custom tools, build scripts, coding standards and documentation of various types to assist developers.

  • Asked to participate in the C# SDLC committee recommending tools and processes to be used across the bank. Many GSL automation tools, scripts etc. became the basis for the standard developer platform.

  • GSL is currently used by just under 100 developers within Barclays Capital world-wide across at least 20 projects.

  •   Memphis:
  • Equity Finance front-to-back system, used globally across the business by traders, operations, middle office, static data teams etc.

  • Provides views and maintenance functionality for prime brokerage and securities lending.

  • Replaces an existing VB application with an N-Tier .NET WinForms application developed using the GSL framework / tools above.

  • Source feeds via MQ from internal/external systems, files via FTP, Email and Web, plus integration via TCP with the Global1 system from Sungard.

  • Senior/lead developer - responsibilities including application technical design, development, automation, framework enhancements and code reviews.

  •   Score:
  • SwapClear Operations Reporting system.

  • Lead developer in a six week project.

  • Utilising the GSL framework, developed a WinForms application providing reporting and reconciliation between LCH and internal systems.

  •   TTS:
  • TTS (Trade Tracking System) for tracking and generation of documentation related to trade confirmations.

  • Legacy VB application due for a rewrite to meet new business requirements.

  • Senior developer, asked to lead development of a replacement prototype using a combination of WebMethods BPM software and .NET clients.

  •   Technologies used:
  • .NET 1.1/2.0, C#, Remoting, WinForms, Windows Services, Web Services, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i/10g, Sybase 12.5, CruiseControl.Net, NUnit, RhinoMocks, NCover, NCoverExplorer, FxCop, NAnt, MSBuild, MediaWiki, IIS, Resharper, TestDriven.Net, ClearCase, Perforce, IBM WebSphere MQ.
      Mar 2003 - Dec 2003 Position: IT Consultant (Contract)
      Neutral Extremes
    London, UK
    Project: Develop e-commerce website for business venture
  • Develop core technology infrastructure and prototype applications covering website, IVR telephony, database and administration.

  • Sole technical resource for proof of concept phase.

  • Technical feasibility report, application architecture and design.

  • Integration with third party sources, e-commerce transactions with PSP.

  • Full project lifecyle through to deployment at hosting company.

  • Security and website administration

  •   Technologies used:
  • .NET 1.1, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Web Services, SQL Server 2000, IIS6, Codacall IVR.
      May 2002 - Feb 2003 Position: Senior Developer (Contract)
      Barclays Capital Ltd
    London, UK
    Project: K2 UK Power & Gas
    Global Invoicing / Confirmations
  • Develop VB application to manage invoice and creditnote workflows.

  • Rapid development project for launch of business

  • Senior developer role responsible for design, mentoring and enhancing coding standards within the group.

  • Develop numerous tools for VB IDE, code documentation, project building, etc.

  • Upon completion asked to enhance another application in the area (TTS above) to use new technologies/objects as developed for GIN.

  •   Technologies used:
  • VB 6.0, Sybase, XSLT, RDO, ClearCase, Crystal Reports 8.5.
      Dec 2001 - April 2002 Travelling overseas, study of .NET technologies.
      Sep 2001 - Nov 2001 Position: Lead Developer (Contract)
      Enron Europe Ltd
    London, UK
    Project: Logistics & Coordination
    (Developed for Enron Metals Division)
  • Develop VB application to manage allocation, scheduling and fulfilment of physical and financial contracts. Includes stock mgmt, invoicing, OBSF, and integration to other systems.

  • Lead developer/architect in team of 8 developers, 5 BAs.
  •   Technologies used:
  • VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000, ADO, ClearCase.
      Jun 2000 - Jul 2001 Position: Senior / Lead Developer (Contract)
      Conchango UK Ltd
    (Onsite at Enron Europe)
    Project: Enron Logistics
    (Developed for Enron Global Markets)
  • Develop global intranet application to manage scheduling of logistics contracts

  • Senior developer in team of 10+, evolved into lead role.

  •   Technologies used:
  • ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 6.0, HTTP, ADO, MTS/COM+, DHTML, IE 4.0/5.0, NT4.0, Windows 2000, SourceSafe
      Feb 2000 - Jun 2000 Position: Analyst / Programmer (Contract)
      Red Fig Ltd
    London, UK
    Project: Contact Management, Intellectual Property and Inventory intranet system
  • Develop intranet applications to maintain all marketing contacts, contact history, partnership and research information, internal inventory mgmt and patent/trademark tracking

  • Sole developer in full SDLC development

      Aug 1999 - Nov 1999 Position: VB Analyst/Programmer (Contract)
      Company Watch UK Ltd
    London, UK
    Projects: Financial Data SQL Query Wizard
    Import/Export Wizard
  • Wizard application to allow financial analysts to perform complex queries with easy to use interface. Customers include major UK financial institutions.

  • Sole developer in full SDLC development

      July 1997 - April 1999 Position: VB Analyst/Programmer (Contract)
      Sealcorp Holdings Ltd
    Sydney, Australia
    Project: Reengineer/rearchitect financial planning suite of applications
      June 1995 - June 1997 Position: Technical Manager
      Fisher & Paykel (NZ) Ltd
    Auckland, NZ
    Project: Everex Team IT Infrastructure/Support
      June 1993 - June 1997 Position: VB Analyst/Programmer (Part-Time)
      Moonlight Software Ltd
    Auckland, NZ
    Project: POS System for Golf Professionals
      Jan 1994 - May 1995 Position: PC Product Specialist
      AT&T GIS (NZ) Ltd
    Auckland, NZ
    Role: Distribution/sale of AT&T PC's in NZ
      Jan 1991 - Dec 1993 Position: Account Manager
      NCR/AT&T GIS (NZ) Ltd
    Auckland, NZ
    Role: Finance Industry Branch Automation
      Last Updated Jul 30th, 2009