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The last leg of the day was mercifully relatively quick (a couple of hours) to Edinburgh to our B&B there. We were going to hit the town, but being the Queens Jubilee we ended up in one of the rooms watching the concert on TV getting quietly sloshed on duty free. At around midnight we did venture out for a walk to see Edinburgh Castle at night - given the distance of the walk in hindsight not the best way to do it but it seemed a good idea at the time...

Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle
Castle entrance - shame about the grandstand construction cranes! Spectacular view of the castle from below at night And less spectacular by day, but still impressive!
Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle
Tourists by the busload... us included Yeah, the views ain't bad... Go ahead... make my day
Cemetary Church City
Pet cemetary? Ancient church... stunning stained glass windows inside Wonder if they'll let me skate here...
Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Cast;e Night Statue
Must have been an impressive defense Yet another castle photo Awesome lit-up statue in the town  

Our final day of the trip was a stroll (and bus tours) around Edinburgh. It is a lovely city and the castle has quite a history (well, had to be seen once anyway!). By this stage everyone was feeling pretty shattered (and the weather had packed up again) so we retired to a pub for the afternoon and tried to generate enthusiasm for the flight back to London and work the next day...

I will most definitely be back (but with my golf clubs next time!)...

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  Last Updated Dec 15th, 2002