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Slalom Skating Tricks
  First the disclaimer - this page is (at this point) entirely made up of tricks created by, videoed by or animated by skaters on other websites! The full credit must go to these people who have made the effort to share their skills.

In particular the following websites are linked from this page:
I have broken these slalom tricks into the following sections based on approximate skill level required. If you think a trick is in the wrong classification please let me know!

My attempt to explain some common terms you will either see here or on other sites...

  Beginner Tricks

These are the most basic of slalom tricks that everyone starts with. The forwards and backwards parallel are moves that you may quickly discard, but others are important elements for more advanced tricks - remember to learn these on both sides!

  Basic Tricks

Assuming you are comfortable skating backwards, you will quickly move onto these. Have never seen anyone bother doing backwards parallel but it is included for completeness! Obviously you need side-surf flexibility for the eagle tricks...

  Intermediate Tricks

Having a good comfort level at the standard snake and criss-cross, you want to learn some new skills! Some of these moves such as Crazy and Kickback are again important elements of more complex moves - master these and a huge range of tricks is further available to you...

  Advanced Tricks

Many of these advanced moves involve combinations of basic trick elements.

  Master Tricks

Serious balance and coordination required for these.

  One Cone or Few Cone Tricks

Repeating pattern tricks done around one, two or three cones. Absolute precision required to control speed and balance to stay in position!

  Last Updated Jun 23rd, 2006