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Inline Skating

Skating Pages Intro...

  It's all good... When I first started inline skating in London in 2002/3, my interest and addiction to the sport led to expanding my webpages to discuss it. After a six year hiatus off skating (due to a poor work/life balance) I am now back into it again in 2009. Over time I hope to update these pages to reflect the changes and growth that have occurred in the sport over that period.

Slalom Skating Information

  Not that I am by any means a guru on this subject - but the information on this page is the result of many hours of translations of foreign websites, reading posts in various forums or snippets gleaned from elsewhere.

Here you will find information on what you need, equipment, locations, general tips and anything else I consider of interest... (go to page)

Slalom Tricks

  There are a huge range of skating tricks out there - some well documented, others only found by watching it performed or making it up yourself! Some are only mentioned in a few websites, others are variations, some are signature moves performed by great slalomers.

On this page is the most comprehensive list I can build to date of documented tricks, links to their videos if they exist and any other relevant tips, descriptions or links... (go to page)

Skating Links

  I have (sadly) spent hundreds of hours scouring the web for virtually every page I could find related to inline skating. This list was then filtered primarily to those focused on slalom or freestyle skating, and represent the best available on the web...

If you have any other links you would suggest I add to this list, please e-mail me (webmail at kiwidude dot com) with the details so I can review it and add it to this page... (go to page)

Hyde Park Photos

  Serpentine Road - damn those scooters and people who walk on it in our way! For anyone that doesn't know, Serpentine Road in Hyde Park is "the" popular place to go for inline skating in London. In summer this stretch of road gets extremely busy. When I first learnt to skate in 2002/2003 this was where I mostly skated.

The Art of Tarting It is a prime place for beginners, skate schools and the regulars to hang out, skate and "tart" (the art of socialising in skates without skating). Now if we could just ban the pedestrians, scooters, prams, cyclists and horses, get the road cleaned regularly from all the goose poo and horse dung, decamber the road in places and extend the skating area into a decent sized circuit to relieve congestion and it might be a world class place to skate...

In all seriousness it is a great place to meet fellow skaters, almost without exception they are a friendly bunch to approach and learn from, and some of the finest inline skaters, quad dancers, slalomers and instructors in London can usually be found there... (go to page)

Greenwich Park

  My most recent public haunt in 2009 for hanging out to slalom is with a great bunch of friendly skaters at Greenwich Park. At the top of the hill near the observatory are three wide smooth roads which are free of traffic and offer a far less crowded option compared to Hyde Park.

It even has it's own website with photo galleries, location maps, rules, tips and more thanks to the efforts of some of the guys there. Check it out at...

Private Lessons

  SkateInstructor.comLearning to skate in London and want a private lesson to either get you rolling or improve your technique? Give Mark Davies a call - be sure to mention and he might even negotiate a discount off his already great rates!
  Last Updated Jul 30th, 2009