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Grant's 'Have No Shame' page...

  Purely for those poor deprived family and friends on the other side of the world that can't believe I am coordinated enough to stand...



  If you don't know what slalom is then you should read the other skating pages on my site!

Slalom Snake Slalom One Foot Grant the Idiot
First run with my new Mission D1s... Intelligent end goes first... Grinning like an idiot - think I enjoy skating?  

Slalom Cones Slalom Backwards Slalom Finish
Approaching the cones - turn up the minidisc and pray to survive humiliation... Backwards criss-cross - gotta watch where you are going to avoid cones... Forwards criss-cross to finish - then go back and do it again... and again...
  Last Updated Jun 3rd, 2003