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  San Francisco
Candlestick Park Baseball Baseball

A trip to see our Everex supplier in San Francisco turned into a great junket. After tripping around the city and the Napa Valley, we went to Candlestick Park to see the Giants play, before hiring a car and heading down the coast to Monterey and Carmel.
The Famous Cypruss Tree Monterey Peninsula Monterey Peninsula
The beautiful 17 mile drive down through Monterey and Carmel from San Francisco - home to celebs and some of the most famous golf courses in the world incuding Pebble Beach and Spyglass. These incredible rocks appear stained white although I dare not suggest what from...
  Las Vegas
MGM Grand New York, New York Hotel
One phrase comes to mind in this city - "only in America!". One of those places you have to see once but to me anyway it has no appeal other than the novelty of seeing what outrageous things Americans can build... We stayed in the 5000 room MGM Grand (being completed) a couple of nights. Opposite our hotel was "New York, New York" - a hotel complete with rollercoaster around the outside. No tripod with me so tried to sit still on the pavement to take these photos!
  Universal Studios, LA
WaterWorld Show at Universal Studios, LA WaterWorld Show at Universal Studios, LA WaterWorld Show at Universal Studios, LA
The WaterWorld show - absolutely superb - this guy has a water gun that he discretely squirts people with as you walk in to take a seat. People end up looking above and around for the source of the water while everyone seated laughs at you...what kind of idiot would fall for that? (okay, so I thought it was a little kid behind spilling his drink on me).
  SeaWorld, San Diego
SeaWorld, San Diego SeaWorld, San Diego SeaWorld, San Diego
Americans sure know how to put on a show... but must say that Kelly Tarltons SeaWorld in Auckland, NZ (an underwater tunnel with travelator through an incredible collection of sea life) put the rest of the place to shame...
  Orlando, Florida
Epcot Centre, Florida Epcot Village Orlando Golf Course - Mickey Mouse inspired desgin!
On a sales reward trip to Orlando (back in my AT&T days). Of course I had to visit the Epcot centre just to see the "giant golf ball" (which has a guided rollercoaster inside taking through a history of space travel). I also played at one of the Disneyland courses there (made famous for it's celebrity pro-am each year). Note the bunker in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears...
  New Orleans
New Orleans Street Jazz New Orleans Bayou SuperDome Tradeshow
After the sales reward trip in Orlando, went down to New Orleans for St Patricks Day weekend with a colleague, and this city just rocked! Continual street parades, great entertainment, great food... just superb... As well as taking a cruise on a bayou we toured the Louisiana SuperDome, at the time the largest indoor stadium in the USA (holds 100,000 people for concerts...)
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  Last Updated June 26th, 2002